MOGY, the fair that reveals what the sustainable cities will be like in which you will live

Sustainable cities. We have all heard this concept and we have all shaped those cities in our heads, but what will they really be like? What role do cars play in them? And the drivers? With the aim of answering these (and other) questions, MOGY, the first fair for mobility, the home and the sustainable city in Spain.

The new Climate Change and Energy Transition Law has focused a large part of its strategy on promote ecological public and private mobility, the adaptation of the houses with the use of renewable energies and low energy consumption products without forgetting the firm commitment of the municipalities to provide their citizens with sustainable services and spaces.

149 cities will restrict traffic to the oldest and most polluting cars, is yours among them?

At the beginning of April 2021, the Congress of Deputies approved the Law of Change …

A sustainable city It is, therefore, one that offers a good quality of life to its inhabitants without putting natural resources at risk since it takes care of the well-being of current and future society. Two of the most significant indicators to assess the environmental commitment of a city and its inhabitants are the reduction of CO2 and other harmful gases. How to do it? MOGY has the answer.

Sustainable City 02

Mobility, sustainability, home and smartcities

The event, where public and private initiatives come together, promotes change to a better world by spreading the latest news in the offer of products and projects aimed at sustainability. They are four areas from which it is intended to act:

Mobility: will host the exhibition and the possibility of testing passenger cars and commercial vehicles with ECO and Zero Emissions labels as well as zero emission quadricycles, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles.Sustainability: will present all the innovations and projects carried out by private institutions and companies to achieve a more sustainable future for the next generations.Home: It will bring together all the available systems to have an energy efficient and self-sufficient house, that is, chargers and clean energy accumulators (solar, photovoltaic …), low consumption appliances and without programmed obsolescence, as well as charging points for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.Smartcity: It will show how to use new technologies to achieve a better quality of life with optimal management of the resources available to it.Ford presents its idea of ​​the “city of tomorrow” in which there will continue to be cars that almost no one needs

It’s really exciting how automakers, like Ford, have set themselves up …

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When will MOGY take place?

The fair will take place next month September (24, 25 and 26) at the Las Rozas fairgrounds in Madrid. As Rafa Guitart, its director, explains, the event “goes one step further. There are already fairs for electric mobility in different formats, but we wanted to offer a 360-degree offer to offer visitors global solutions for their home and their vehicle. And, incidentally, to make known how society is reacting to this great challenge for our planet ”.

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