Moderna’s Covid Vaccine Shows 94.5% Efficacy

The American laboratory Moderna affirmed that its vaccine against Covid-19 has an efficacy of 94.5%, this in the preliminary results of phase 3, which represents a new hope in the fight against this disease.

Among the volunteers who participated in the trial of this vaccine against the disease, 95 infections were detected, of which the majority only received placebos and the real formula was applied to 5. As you may recall, the Pfizer laboratory announced a week ago that its vaccine was 90% effective.

Laboratory achieves 94.5% effectiveness in its vaccine. Photo: Reforma

These results position the two laboratories as the only ones that could request permission to use the dose in an emergency in the United States, after the authorities announced that after 50% effectiveness the results are encouraging.

The Moderna laboratory also announced that the doses of its vaccine, once thawed, can last up to 30 days refrigerated, which could facilitate its distribution to other places.

For his part, Dr. Stephen Hoge, president of Moderna, said that they feel comfortable with these results and this represents a new hope in the fight against the coronavirus, although this problem will need many vaccines so that everyone can count on them.

After knowing the effectiveness results of Moderna’s vaccine, the company’s shares soared in the stock market more than 10% after the opening of Wall Street, after the laboratory announced in the Data Security Monitoring Board the percentage effectiveness of your medicine.

The Moderna laboratory vaccine was applied to 30 thousand volunteers, of the 95 infected, 11 cases are serious but they are from the group that only received placebos. Some of the side effects of this vaccine are: fatigue, muscle pain where the second dose of the drug was applied.

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