Moderna announces the great efficacy of its vaccine

If last week started with the advertisement from Pfizer, which advertised a 90 efficacy in its vaccine, this does it with the statement of another pharmacist, in this case Moderna, who claims that its coronavirus vaccine, mRNA-1273, is 94.5% effective. In the trial have participated 30,000 people, with the collaboration of the National Institutes of Health of the United States.

Half of these volunteers have received the vaccine, while the other half received an injection of salt water as a placebo. This first analysis occurs after detecting 95 symptomatic infections, of which 90 belong to the group that did not receive the true treatment.

“The most important thing is that 11 of the 95 people who became seriously ill, with hospitalization and breathing problems, were on the placebo“, Juan Andrés, Moderna’s technical director, assures El País. According to the executive’s words,”there were no significant security issues. Most were mild or moderate cases. “

More than 500 million doses by 2021

Just like Pfizer did, and reason why it has been criticized, Moderna has released the results of its vaccine via a press release, without publishing the peer-reviewed scientific study. In the ad, Moderna highlights that her essay includes 7,000 people over 65 and 5,000 below it, but with chronic diseases associated with an increased risk of severe coronavirussuch as diabetes or obesity.

The vaccine requires two doses, spaced 28 days apart. In the United States it will cost about 25 dollars (21 euros to change) per injection, according to the manager’s calculations. So now the company will request “in the coming weeks” the authorization for its emergency use. Before the end of the year, the company plans to produce 20 million doses of the vaccine for distribution in the United States, while by 2021 the goal is to manufacture between 500 and 1,000 million.

The company also works with two supply chains, one in the American country itself and another in Europe, whose final stage is carried out in the Rovi laboratories, in Madrid.

Vaccine maintenance

As reported by the pharmacist in an additional statement, the data “show that the vaccine mRNA-1273 remains stable between 2 ° and 8 °, the temperature of a standard domestic refrigerator, for 30 days. “This, they indicate, represents a seven-day increase from previous data.

In addition, before defrosting, it can be kept at a -20 ° temperature up to six months. “The ability to store our vaccine for up to 6 months at -20 ° C, including up to 30 days in normal refrigerator conditions after thawing, is a important advance and would allow for simpler distribution and greater flexibility to facilitate vaccination on a larger scale in the United States and other parts of the world, “highlights Juan Andrés.”

This implies, above all, an important progress on Pfizer’s vaccine, which due to its characteristics, should keep frozen at -70 ° until the time of your injection.

Side effects

Juan Andrés also reported the side effects detected in the volunteers after receiving the vaccine. Thus, they highlight the injection site pain (2.7% of those vaccinated), fatigue (10%), joint pain (5%), and headache (4.5%). “These are the symptoms that one has with a moderate flu,” he says.