Moderna announces that its vaccine is 94.5% effective

Moderna announced to the world that its experimental vaccine was 94.5 percent effective.

The vaccine is given in two injections 28 days apart.

Pharmaceutical Pfizer claimed that its vaccine was “90 percent effective,” according to the first interim analysis of its phase 3 trial.

Last week, the Pharmaceutical Pfizer claimed its vaccine was “90 percent effective”, according to the first interim analysis of your phase 3 trial, the last stage before formally requesting its homologation. This protection efficacy against the virus was achieved seven days after the second dose of vaccine and 28 days after the first, as revealed by the US company through a joint statement with the firm BioNTech.

At the time, BioNTech shares soared 26 percent, while Pfizer shares rose to $ 41.58 a share, up from $ 36.40 at the close on Friday. The markets presented enormous changes before the announcement, companies that had lost with the contingency, soared their shares and vice versa, those that gained with the confinement, saw their shares fall. This shows the power of this type of information: vaccines are essential.

Today, the competition for who has the most effective vaccine has a novelty: Moderna said its experimental vaccine was 94.5 percent effective, according to interim data from an advanced-stage clinical trial, becoming the second US company in a week to report results that exceed expectations.

The vaccines, which use the new technology known as messenger RNA or mRNA, represent powerful tools to fight a pandemic that has infected 54 million people worldwide and left 1.3 million dead.

Moderna’s interim analysis was based on 95 infections among trial participants who received a placebo or the vaccine. Of these, there were only five infections among those who were inoculated. The vaccine is given in two injections 28 days apart.

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A key advantage of Moderna’s vaccine is that it does not require ultra-cold storage like Pfizer’s, making it easy to distribute.. Moderna expects it to be stable at standard refrigerator temperatures of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius for 30 days and can be stored for up to 6 months at -20 degrees.

Along with the Pfizer vaccine that also demonstrated greater than 90 percent effectiveness, and pending further safety data and regulatory review, the United States could have two treatments authorized for emergency use in December, with up to 60 million doses available by the end of the year.

Next year, the United States government could have access to more than 1 billion doses from the two vaccine manufacturers, more than is needed for the country’s 330 million residents.