Moderna announces that its coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective

Modern pharmaceutical company announced that its coronavirus vaccine is more effective than the one announced a week ago by Pfizer.

The Modern American Pharmacist announced that its coronavirus vaccine is 94.5 percent effective, higher than that announced a week ago by Pfizer.

According to a statement from the firm, it remains stable for 30 days at temperatures of common refrigerators (2 ° to – 8 °), making its distribution easy.

Moderna is running a 30,000-person trial in collaboration with the US National Institutes of Health, with half of the participants receiving the vaccine and the other half an injection of salt water as a placebo.

The first analysis was conducted after detecting 95 symptomatic infections, 90 of them in the group that did not receive the actual drug. “The most important thing is that only 11 of the 95 people who fell ill suffered a severe form of covid, with hospitalization and breathing problems. And all 11 were on the placebo. We did not expect this even in our dreams ”, explained to El País of Spain the technical director of Moderna, Juan Andrés.

Moderna’s vaccine requires two doses, spaced 28 days apart, and in the US it will cost about $ 25 (about 21 euros) per injection, according to Juan Andrés’ calculations.

The company intends to apply « in the coming weeks » to the US authorities for a permit for its emergency use.

Moderna plans to manufacture 20 million doses by the end of the year for distribution in the US Its plan is to produce between 500 and 1 billion doses in 2021. The company already works with two supply chains, one in the US and the other. in Europe, with a final stage in the Rovi pharmaceutical laboratories in Madrid.