Moderna affirms that its vaccine can arrive in Spain in early 2021

The coronavirus vaccine may be close. Moderna has announced that its vaccine is 94.5% effective and that it can be stored in a normal freezer, something that greatly facilitates its distribution. In fact, the technical director of the laboratories, Juan Andrés, has affirmed that it could arrive in Spain in early 2021.

In statements to Antena 3 Noticias, Andrés explained that they have two distribution channels for the vaccine, one for the United States, where it is expected to be supplied by the end of the year, and another for Europe, which is still pending a contract.

“We are pending to sign a contract with the European Union and when this happens, and we receive the approval of the European Medicines Agency, we will be ready to start supplying. This can happen as early as early 2021 ”, said the technical director.

The American biotech company Moderna announced on Monday the high efficacy of its vaccine, 94.5%, even higher than that of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, developed by the German BioNTech and also based on the novel messenger RNA technique, which introduces a sequence with the instructions for making the antibodies.

Asked why the results of the effectiveness of the vaccine have not been published in scientific journals, the Spanish director of Moderna explained that the scientific data was communicated to him yesterday.

«The committee that follows the clinical trial is an external committee with experts and it told us yesterday Sunday. These data will be published in scientific journals, he explained. At this moment what we are doing is giving these data to the health authorities, which are the ones who have to approve the product to go on the market.

As for how long immunity will last, he said that they still do not have it and that we must wait, although he stressed that the efficacy of the vaccine is very high, “of the order of 95%.”

On whether some volunteers have had side effects, he explained that what they have known is “that the side effects are mild or moderate”,

“And the effects of grade 3, which are the most severe, are pain in the injection area, body pain, joint pain, headache,” he added.