Model Noelia in a cute video, like a true rockstar!

Model Noelia in a flirty video, like a true rockstar! | Instagram

Even though Noelia is singer of pop music and ballads, this time she looked like a rockstar girl, shared a video with much love for his fans.

Could it be that Noelia Be one of the few singers who cares about sharing exclusive content for her fans without the need to just post as she also posts them in her captions.

Without a doubt this is one of the many reasons why the interpreter of “I Touch My Self“She is so loved and admired by millions of fans who throng her performances, which is sure to happen when we see her on stage again.

In this new content that she shared on Instagram just two hours ago, she appears wearing a “bad girl” look, because she is wearing a leather jacket, transparent stockings or leggings, high black ankle boots and her hair in a ponytail.


Playing from my balcony with love for you, I love you, “wrote Noelia.

From a corner of her balcony, the beautiful businesswoman and celebrity of the romantic ballad since 1999, poses and models very flirtatious, since she takes some turns and even raises one of her legs to show her total beauty, she even turns around and turns on her back to look like this all your figure completely.

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Surprisingly, Noelia has more than 53 thousand reproductions in her video, with only two hours since she shared it, as for the comments she already has 161, many of them do not stop saying that she is the love of their lives.

In case you were wondering, indeed the transparent garment he is wearing is from his line Noelicious, she indicates it herself in her description, this beauty does not miss an opportunity to promote herself! Like any other personality would do it taking advantage of her popularity and how good she looks, perhaps more than anything else it is the latter how perfect her clothes look on herself.

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Under her stockings we see a black bodysuit that covers her parts, so she has the confidence to make said video public without being aware that the application itself can eliminate it as it has done with other personalities.

Noelia is and will continue to be one of the favorite singers of all time, her music does not go out of style, what she does is renew herself and look better than ever, every day she exceeds her beauty and talent.

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