Model Anastasia Kvitko wears a daring black swimsuit

Model Anastasia Kvitko wears a daring black swimsuit (Instagram)

Model Anastasia Kvitko wears a daring black swimsuit | Instagram

The call “Kim Kardashian Russian“and renowned model of social networks Anastasia Kvitko shared a daring photograph in which she appears showing off her curves and enormous charms with a tiny and extremely tight with a black swimsuit.

The beautiful celebrity of social networks has conquered Instagram for a few years thanks to the content that she usually shares, which her fans like a lot for the reactions she manages to have almost immediately.

Anastasia kvitko She shared on her official Instagram account on October 1, 2019, this image in which she appears looking as s3dctora as possible, in which she is wearing a two-piece swimsuit in black, these garments are really small so her curves still look much more than usual.

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In the publication we find two images in one of them she appears from the front, she seems to have just come out of the water because her hair is still wet, in addition to that part of her skin can also be seen quite wet, in the second image we also see her wet although The interesting thing about this is that it appears in profile, but you can perfectly see its later charms because its swimsuit is lit between them.


The model that the beautiful Russian girl is wearing in the upper part is divided into two pieces, their huge charms They are supported by two threads and between them they caught, remaining in a somewhat pleasing way, coincidentally these garments are the ones that have recently become fashionable in Mexico.

In the description of his publication he admitted that the suit was part of the collection of the Fashion Nova brand of which he has been an ambassador for a long time.

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The pretty russian model He mentions that each person can change the world if they wish as long as we focus on only one thing at a time, and he also added a question to his fans, about what they wanted to focus on for the week.

Quickly the beautiful Anastasia Kvitko began to have several comments from her millions of followers in the application a little more than 3,400, as for the like’s, she has around 260 thousand to this day.

Without a doubt, Anastasia Kvitko is among the Internet personalities who set fashion and trends.