Model Ana Cheri pulls down her shorts Show her parts!

Model Ana Cheri lowers her shorts Show her parts! (Instagram)

Model Ana Cheri pulls down her shorts Show her parts! | Instagram

The model Of American origin and also a businesswoman as well as a fitness coach, Ana Cheri shared a photo on her official Instagram account where she appears as daring as she lowers her shorts a little to show her parts and her clothing transparent with various lace details.

For months the name of Ana Cheri It has been attracting attention especially because in her official Instagram account we find content of the most daring and unusual, that although many celebrities and social media personalities also publish too flirtatious photographs and video, it seems that Ana Cheri does it simply for pleasure.

This is because despite the fact that its content is constantly invited to its more than 12 million followers in Instagram to be part of your page OnlyFansAna Cheri does not charge a single penny for subscribing to her exclusive content page, which is why it is believed that she is not so interested in having large inflows of money.

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In this image, he is again inviting everyone to see his biography and the publications that are a little more risque, such as the one he shared on June 22, 2020, where he appears wearing a white top with details on the shoulders, in addition to a denim short, which he decided to open a little and lower it to show the next garment, a thread with transparent fabric and white lace.


The model is extremely flirtatious and knows very well that this type of content attracts the attention of any Internet user.

More than 331 thousand like’s are those that the beautiful 34-year-old businesswoman has, the photograph was taken near her kitchen, which can be seen in the part that is at the bottom of the image, on several occasions both in videos and photographs we have seen this nice and well distributed kitchen.

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With that extremely flirtatious smile, Ana Cheri manages to capture even more the attention of Internet users, being flirtatious and with the appearance of a Latin woman, who are known for being extremely flirtatious. Ana Cheri has managed to conquer millions not only with her appearance but also with the type of content that you usually post on social media consistently.