Modality 35 of the IMSS for pension, what it consists of

Modality 35 of the IMSS was designed for employers who employ workers, who appear registered with the Institute for providing their services in the company. To be entitled to this modality you must have at least one worker at your service.

This Modality consists of your voluntary incorporation, as an employer, to the Mandatory Social Security Scheme, of the employers, as a natural person, together with the workers insured by you.

Those who join this Modality will have a Work Risk Insurance, therefore they must pay the indicated premium. Photo: Reformation.

Documents for IMSS Modality 35 for employers

Valid official identification. Original and copy Proof of address. Original and copy. Certified copy of the birth certificate. Original and copy (Take the minutes online). Unique Population Registry Code (CURP). Original and copy (Take out CURP). Medical questionnaire provided by the IMSS, filled out by the applicant and by each family member to be insured, when applicable. Original and copy Data of the applicant or legal representative. Proof of payment of the anticipated annuity. Original and copy.

The process can be done at the corresponding IMSS Sub-delegation.

If they register in this modality of the IMSS you must pay an annual fee, but do it in advance. The procedure for you as a natural person and that of your worker or your workers must be carried out by you as an employer and a natural person registered with the Institute.

The incorporation of the entrepreneur, as a person, physical to this Modality has an annual cost of 11,982.16 pesos, amount effective as of February 1, 2021. You can also do the procedure through the Internet.

The 11,982.16 pesos of the annual fee are per person and the coverage of this voluntary incorporation is one year.

By joining as an entrepreneur and a natural person, both you and the workers of your company can have the benefits and benefits of this modality.

Those who join this Modality will have a Work Risk Insurance, therefore they must pay the indicated premium.

You cannot request your voluntary incorporation to the Mandatory Social Security Regime if you have a pre-existing disease such as:

Malignant tumors. Chronic degenerative diseases such as: complications of diabetes mellitus. Hoarding diseases, such as Gaucher disease. Chronic liver diseases. Chronic renal failure. Valvular heart disease. Heart failure. Sequelae of ischemic heart disease (arrhythmia, angus, or myocardial infarction). Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with respiratory failure. Chronic systemic connective tissue diseases. Addictions such as alcoholism and other drug addictions. Mental disorders such as psychosis and dementias. Congenital diseases. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or Human Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

It should be noted that the IMSS does not return, neither all nor part of the payments made, so the information must be complete and truthful, especially in relation to pre-existing diseases.

The coverage is for one year, and the medical services will begin to be provided by the IMSS on the first day of the month following the one in which they were incorporated.

The renewal of the annuity may be carried out within 30 calendar days prior to the expiration of the annuity.

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