Mobilfree gives 30 GB to all its customers for Christmas and launches mobile rate

Little by little, the Christmas promotions from the telephone operators continue to arrive, which are accessible to both customers and new ones, and after the kick-off this week by Finetwork and Simyo, it is now mobilfree who reveals the details of his christmas campaign 2020.

As is usual in recent years, mobilfree is also committed to giving an extra gigs in its rates. Specifically, 30 GB free that will be activated automatically between December 1 and 31 2020 in all current rates, both in the mobile-only contract, and in the combined fiber and mobile.

To date, mobilfree’s is the christmas promotion that gives more gigsAlthough the duration of the Finetwork promotion is longer, reaching two and a half months.

14 GB for 10.90 euros, forever, but temporary hiring

In addition to the gift of gigas that mobilfree will apply to all its clients, within the Christmas campaign, the OMV with Yoigo coverage has also presented a new temporary hiring rateAlthough those who activate this modality will be able to enjoy it indefinitely.

It is a new intermediate step in the contract rates, but it will only be accessible to new clients and portabilities that request, before the January 15, 2021, this rate with calls unlimited and 14 GB for 10.90 euros forever.

In this way, mobilfree replicates the finetwork rate, which is also close to 11 euros monthly fee, but with 2 GB less and the advantage of accumulating unconsumed data. In this price range, Digame offers 10 GB, but most rival operators bet on rates of 10 or 15 GB mainly.

The complete offer of mobilfree rates is as summarized in the following table:

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Mobilfree gives 30 GB to all its customers for Christmas and launches mobile rate