Mobile marketing strategies you should try for your brand

Currently, data reported by the Make A Website Hub portal highlights that for 71 percent of marketers, mobile marketing is key to their businesses. This is not surprising if the number of users of these devices is considered, however, there are still many who have not undertaken efforts through this medium and therefore we will see some strategies with which it can be started.

If you want to get more out of mobile marketing, these are some of the strategies that can be implemented as highlighted by some specialized sources on the subject:

Develop SMS Marketing

As a first recommendation, from FobresBooks it is shared that working with SMS text messages can be a great strategy in the field of mobile marketing. Healthcare providers, financial institutions and large retail firms use SMS to bring timely information to their customers directly at their fingertips.

The idea is to create a campaign for opt-ins or registrations to make it easier for people to join the list and from there they can receive different kinds of notifications, such as coupons, alerts or rewards. According to the source, text messages can even be viewed faster than emails, so it is an action that stands out for the ability to provide information in a timely manner.

You have hyperlocal targeting

According to Wordstream, hyperlocal mobile marketing strategies include tactics such as “geofencing”, which is where a specific geographic area is established with a virtual “fence”, there, once someone with an installed brand app enters the zone, a push notification will automatically be triggered that you will see on your screen.

Firms like Burger Kink have already worked with this technology with great results, in their case they presented discount coupons to users of their app who passed near McDonald’s restaurants. You can know the details of the campaign on our site for more details.

Outside of restaurants, targeting applications of this type can be brought to many other types of businesses, for example, a retailer can establish geofencing and send product recommendations or notify users of special discounts in the store.

Use augmented reality

If it is within the possibilities of the company, another good mobile marketing strategy that can be developed is working with augmented reality, one of the technologies in trend today.

As you may already know, augmented reality is about projecting virtual elements in real world scenes, in this case, through the camera of mobile devices.

One way to give way to this type of action can be by generating campaigns in collaboration with social platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat where precisely this kind of augmented reality elements can be placed so that the user can interact.

They provide new content and exclusive offers

Finally, from Entrepreneur it is shared that mobile marketing can take great advantage of campaigns when they present fresh relevant content and exclusive offers that are not available in other media.

These types of efforts are particularly recommended for firms that already have an app. Through this, it is possible to ensure that they do not lose interest in the platform and that they return frequently for more.