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A few days ago, Activision had anticipated the start of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8. Well, after the previous season, Radioactive Agent, lasted around 1 month, the developer launched Season 8, which will be called Forge, and all the content that players can expect throughout the following weeks has already been revealed .

For starters, we tell you that Activision revealed the modes that will be available in Forge. What is most striking is that the Juggernaut mode will be introduced, in case you do not know, this mode is a classic of the franchise. It consists of 5 users trying to defeat 1 player who has better weapons than the others, who is dressed in the Juggernaut suit. The side that meets the objective first wins. You can see how the mode plays next.

We leave you with all the events and modes that will be active in July and their dates. Likewise, below you can find the map of the additions that Call of Duty: Mobile will receive as Season 8: Forge unfolds.

July 10-16 – One Shot One Kill
July 10-16 – Gun Game Team Fight
July 10-16 – Highrise Brawl
July 10-16 – Juggernaut Mania
July 17-30 – Solstice Awakened
Starting July 10 – New Seasonal Challenges
Starting July 10 – Credit Store Update
All month – Juggernaut mode
All month – Training Mode
All month – Kill Confirmed

As on other occasions, the start of the new season means the arrival of a new Battle Pass, which will offer free content as well as paid. We leave you with the rewards that this new pass will provide and the level at which they are unlocked.

Free Battle Pass

Perk – Shrapnel (level 14)
New Weapon – DR-H, Common (Level 21)
PDW-57 – Desperate Mesures (level 41)
RUS-79U – Desperate Mesures (level 50)

Pay Battle Pass

Tank Dempsey – Wrecker (level 1)
KN-44 – Living Rust (level 1)
Tank – Wrecked (Level 1)
Reaper – The Grinder (level 12)
Prophet – Dust Bowl (Level 30)
AK117 – Kit Bag (level 40)
Emote – Rage Quit (level 49)
Kreuger – Reaper (level 50)
DR-H – Chained (level 50)
Legendary Calling Card – Hot Metal (level 50)

What do you think of all the content that will be added to Call of Duty: Mobile? What excited you the most? Will you buy the Battle Pass? Tell us in the comments.

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