A group of researchers from various Andalusian universities made up of Antonio Luque from the University of Almería, Inmaculada García from the University of Jaén, José María Fernández from the University of Seville and David Cobos from Pablo Olavide They have carried out a study on the use of mobile devices to improve the learning results and the professionalization of teachers.

The results point to an improvement in student learning through Mlearning (mobile learning), and the positive factors that encourage its use by students. The use that has been made of mobile devices in universities and the effective mobile applications that are carried out have been identified, having detected significant improvements in the teaching and learning processes. The inclusion of this methodology requires a new role for teachers whose characterization is also specified and which demands a revolution in the training processes of university teachers.

This study was born before the changes that teaching in higher education is experiencing due to the influence of technologies. More and more technology tools are replacing old teaching methods and strategies. In this context, mobile devices are being positioned as a key tool for new ways of understanding educational practices. This work carried out jointly by four Andalusian universities responds to a systematic review of the benefits that these devices have for university students and the promotion of their learning. Using inclusion and exclusion criteria in the databases of Web of Sciencie and Scopus, 16 articles were analyzed and selected to argue why mobile learning has become a modern and innovative approach.

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