MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Solution or Miracle Mineral Supplement, a product that comes as a mineral solution or supplement and as a miracle remedy against AIDS, cancer, malaria, herpes, asthma, diabetes, hepatitis, colds, acne and now the coronavirus. It is really a chemical that turns into industrial bleach when mixed with an acid and is a toxic and dangerous substance.

José Ramón Alonso Peña, professor of Cell Biology at the University of Salamanca, explains, in an article published in “The Conversation”, that “there is not a single scientific study that supports using MMS for these diseases or for any other” and adds that “it would be very rare for the same molecule to be effective against such different things”.

MMS is sold through different channels, especially the Internet, and its use is frequent in Latin America, explains the neurobiologist. In Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States, the danger of MMS has been widely reported, and in different countries, including Spain, it has been banned. According to experts from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the agency that controls and verifies food and drugs in the United States, MMS is a dangerous substance and recommends stopping the consumption of this product immediately.

MMS is a 28 percent solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water. There is a more dilute version called chlorine dioxide solution or CDS. This chemical is a bleach widely used in industry for its low price and radical action.

Drinking the amount indicated by vendors on MMS labels can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, eye irritation, kidney failure, hemolysis, respiratory problems, or severe dehydration that can lead to fatal hypotension.

MMS is toxic to cancer cells, but it is also toxic to healthy cells.