MMA Superstar Valentina Shevchenko Praises BRAVE CF For World-Class Offering

The biggest names in sports and entertainment attended the historic BRAVE CF 51: THE FUTURE IS HERE in Minsk, Belarus, last Friday, June 4, and one of them who saw the event in the cage was the martial arts superstar Mixed (MMA) Valentina Shevchenko.

Considered the number one female flyweight in the world today, the 33-year-old Bishkek, Kyrgyz native has been competing in the sport for nearly two decades and has a wealth of experience from various promotions on her resume.

Shevchenko, who was personally invited by the Bahrain-based organization to be one of the guests of honor that evening alongside Brazilian actor Caio Castro and soccer legend Alexander Hleb, praised BRAVE CF’s work in producing and promoting athletes. in his first event on Belarusian soil.

“I think it’s very good,” he said. “They did well to show not only the fight itself, but also the different side of the fighters. This is one of the most overlooked aspects in the lead-up to the fight because it resonates with the sentiment and their spirit heading into the fight, ”Shevchenko said.

“It is very important because professional sport is not only about technique, but also about the charisma of the fighter and his character. Side events such as press conferences and open training help to discover the personalities of the fighters, ”added Shevchenko.

Looking closely at how the company operated over the week-long holiday, Shevchenko pointed out several characteristics that set BRAVE CF apart from its competitors.

“I think the most important thing is sportsmanship. I loved seeing the respect and definitely being an example of a good organization, ”stated the UFC women’s flyweight champion.

“Everything is in the details. If it works like clockwork, then you can tell that it is a good organization. And for me to be here for four to five days, I can say that they worked very well, ”he continued.

The stars of BRAVE CF 51: THE FUTURE IS HERE put on an impressive show last Friday, showcasing heart, determination and warrior spirit.

There were exciting performances from start to finish, which made the aforementioned show one of the most entertaining MMA cards of 2021.

Belarusian hometown hero Denis Maher kept his immaculate professional record unscathed by authorizing a first round stoppage win over undefeated Rinat Sagyntay of Kazakhstan to extend his remarkable winning streak to eight bouts.

Meanwhile, Englishman Sam “The Future” Patterson raised his value in BRAVE CF’s stacked lightweight division by ousting Frenchman Ylies “Tupek” Djiroun by unanimous decision.

On the other hand, Maher’s compatriot Vadim Kutsyi tipped off the entire super welterweight class by defeating fellow rookie Daniyar “Doni” Abdibaev of Kyrgyzstan by unanimous decision.

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