MLS: Former Liga MX, Eduardo “Chofis” López spoke of his turbulent season in the United States

The Mexican soccer player from San Jose Earthquakes, Eduardo “Chofis” López confessed what it has cost him to adapt to his new league; the Major League Soccer, his first experience after passing through the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara.

“It has been good for me to be here, personally I have felt good I have felt very calm, I have been working a lot and the truth is that the first days there I struggled a bit.”, Said the Chofis in an interview for TUDN .

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La Chofis spoke about his coach, Matías Almeyda, who has helped and supported him to reach his peak after a bad season in Liga MX.

“The first days have been a bit difficult because I came for a year without participating, without training with a team. I have already passed that stage, I overcame all that and now I feel good, I feel good physically, I feel much better and Matías He has always given me his confidence, he told me it will cost you a bit but it has taken me little by little and this is just beginning, “said the former player of the herd.

Chofis López has had memorable moments in his time in the American league. His great memory was a few weeks ago and it is the second goal he has scored with the Californian team.

“I’ll take the second, not so much because of the goal but because in the week we had a talk with Matías and until that moment we had not been able to score a goal in fixed tactic and we did it in fixed tactic,” commented the striker.

The Quakes are not going through the best of times this season in MLS, the forward spoke about this negative streak:

“It’s up to us (the players) because, as I say, you can play well but you don’t win and there comes a time when you start to think: ‘when are we going to win if we’re playing well?’. So I think that’s the case. It’s a good time to win, “he said.

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