MLS ‘crushes’ Liga MX in the value of the ideal eleven prior to the All-Star Game

The Liga MX and the MLS officially agreed to the Las Estrellas game to take place this August 25, 2021 and although the representatives of each League have not been chosen, the MLS has a more encouraging outlook, since its ideal 11 ‘crushes’ that of Mexico in value.

According to Transfermarkt, the MLS ideal team has a value of 105 million dollars, while that of Liga MX, only reaches 84 million dollars.

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In the 11 of the MLS, there are two Mexicans, Carlos Vela and Rodolfo Pizarro, with a value of 16 MDD and 11 MDD, respectively.

In Liga MX, the most valuable player is JJ Macías, with a value of 11 million dollars, half that of the highest valued player in MLS, Diego Rossi.

The Liga MX team with the most contributions to 11 are Rayados and Cruz Azul, with 3 elements per side, while in MLS, Atlanta and LAFC have the baton with 2 per side.

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