MLS: Carlos Vela denies being indebted to Los Angeles FC fans

The Mexican forward of Los Angeles FC of the MLS, Carlos Vela assured that he is in good shape this season, in addition, in his opinion he is meeting the expectations at the club and fan level.

“The truth is that I feel better, I am recovering, telling myself again at my level simply, I do what people expect what you expect of me, my colleagues and as I said before from here I hope they are all up because I still have room for improvement and start to show every weekend the level that I have and help my team as much as possible, “said Vela.

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The Mexican forward participated in the game against Dallas and scored his first goal this season of the MLS. In the end, LAFC won 2-0.

Vela also spoke about the Mexican National Team at a higher level and at an Olympic level and wished that both teams do well in their commitments.

“And with the National Team I hope that he wins the Gold Cup, that he wins the Olympic Games and that Mexico is at the top of everything.”

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