MLB: Why do injuries haunt Ronald Acuña Jr. in the majors?

We are going to analyze the reasons why injuries they chase the gardener of the Braves from Atlanta Ronald Acuña Jr. in his trajectory in the MLB.

On Thursday’s game in the duel in which the Toronto Blue Jays vs Atlanta Braves were measured, he was injured in the game Ronald Acuña Jr.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, the Braves with a score of 4-3 and the Venezuelan came out to bat.

Acuna Jr. rolled to third base and got to base safely, but stomped badly, limping in pain to right field, until he was lying on the floor for a while from bending his left ankle

Although there is good news, since the x-rays did not show serious damage to the ankle and he will be day by day, possibly playing for the same Friday.

Acuña Jr and injuries in MLB:

Ronald He made his major league debut on April 25, 2018, where he was ranked sixth bat and left fielder.

In that campaign he saw action in 111 games, but the most dramatic moment he lived was on August 15, 2018, when the Dominican pitcher of the Miami Marlins José Ureña gave him a terrible ball in the side, taking him out of the game.

In the year 2019 Acuna Jr. saw action for 155 games and in the final week of that season, when he had 41 home runs and 37 stolen bases, he presented a physical discomfort and manager Stinker decided to rest him as a precaution for the postseason, which shattered the dream of seeing him conquer 40 -40.

In 2020, despite the fact that the season was played with only 60 games, the native only saw action in 46, but the injuries reappeared where he suffered them twice and dragged physical discomfort to the playoffs.

He once went on the 10-day disabled list for a sore wrist and later suffered another mishap due to foot pain.

In this 2021, injuries have also appeared, the hit to the finger that did not generate fractures, the sprained ankle, although he immediately returns to action, which generates doubts because he is injured so much.

Why do injuries haunt Ronald Acuña Jr. in the Major Leagues?

How we point out, Ronald has played the following number of games since reaching the majors:

2018: 111 (debuted at the end of April)

2019: 155

2020: 46

2021: 35

It should be noted that except for injuries or physical discomfort or caution, I do not remember when the Creole had a break by manager Brian Stinker’s own decision (except for the episode where he benched when he did not run).

Acuna Jr. In these four years in the majors he has received more than 20 balls, he has been injured in part while running, stepping on a base, the Abuser really plays with an intensity not seen in other players, but although he looks like a machine, he is not, he is a human being.

I have observed that even in the double games Acuna Jr. he sees action in each game and it is not to criticize that he plays daily, but the Venezuelan is the face of that franchise and that once more than another. For the helmsman to rest him would not be unreasonable, because he can give activity to Paché, Inciarte, Adrianza himself, etc.

I understand that Acuna Jr. signed a contract for 100 million dollars and that must be delivered to the maximum in the field by the Braves team, but the Iron Horse or Ripken are the only ones who played the 162 games per year for many, many seasons.

In conclusion, playing every day can represent the direct cause of the injuries of Acuña Jr., But there is a risk factor that he is very prone to injuries and his manager must try to take the necessary measures to protect his integrity, because it is not something that one of these days a ball can take him out of the campaign.

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