MLB: Venezuelan José Peraza received the call to the majors of the New York Mets

The Venezuelan infielder Jose Peraza received the call to MLB of the Mets from New York.

Indeed the Creole received the call of the metropolitans to the big team from the alternative training site.

Remember that Peraza is part of the Mets since last year 2020, where he consumed 111 at-bats, leaving an average of 225, with a home run, eight RBIs and a stolen base, in a campaign that was played in 60 games of the elimination round.

Peraza is a very valuable player who can play in any position in the infield, in addition to having good contact, despite the average he left last year.

The Venezuelan can be very useful for the metropolitans, who are fighting to occupy the first place in the East Division of the National League, since they are one of the favorite teams to take the pennant and transcend in the playoffs in search of the trophy of champions who have not achieved since 1986.