MLB: Umpire narrowly injures José Abreu after throwing bat

This Wednesday the Toronto Blue Jays and the Chicago White Sox measured forces in the 2021 season of Big leagues (MLB), where we had a curiosity and this because almost the referee main of the meeting almost injured the Cuban, José Abreu.

The same first inning was played and after a hit by Yoan Moncada, the White Sox had a play at home plate, this being the scenario where the referee main of this meeting of Big leagues almost injured Jose Abreu that he was forewarned in the batter’s cage.

And how was he going to injure him?

Well, because there was a play at home play, the referee From this meeting he wanted to move away the bat that Moncada left after his connection, but in the attempt he did not notice that he had the last MVP of the league behind him. MLB, Jose Abreu and unfortunately he hit him on the knee with the log.

Here the video:

Abreu, as we see in baseball MLB At that time he wanted to fulfill functions as a coach, since the foreman always gives that support when there is play at the plate, but here the referee who, as a precaution, moved the wood away, did not notice that the White Sox first baseman was close to his back.

However, this incident between the referee and “El Pito” did not pass to greater and the Cuban could continue in action, taking his turn at bat and continuing in competition in this game on Wednesday of the Big leagues.

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