MLB: This was the reaction of José Altuve when the Houston Astros carried out the execution of the trap in the 2017 season (Video)

The quality of the Venezuelan Jose Altuve how a batsman cannot be doubted and for that we are going to see what his reaction when the Astros of Houston carried out the execution of the trap on the season 2017 on the MLB.

Remember that the trap of the siderales consisted of stealing the signals of the opposing team with the use of technology and passing them on to the team’s players.

Well, something that had declared the companion of Altuve Carlos Correa, where he made it clear that the Venezuelan never wanted to participate in that trap so he did not want any sign to be passed to him.

The famous chronicler Andy Martino stated that during the investigation of the sidereal trap, the players of the Astros They told the people in charge of investigating the case in the MLB, what Altuve he didn’t want to be told which pitches were coming and that he sometimes got upset when his teammates passed him the signal during his at-bats.

He actually heard a bang, he looked towards the dugout and the teammates looked at each other and said, “He doesn’t want it.”

Here’s a turn at bat from Altuve with an explosion or signal of the pitching that was coming.

That system of the trap of the Astros It was designed for the whole team, but the Venezuelan did not want to lend to fraudulently take advantage of it and yet he has been the player who has generated the most boos and rejection from the hobbies of the other teams.

Hopefully this article will serve to disseminate what Astroboy’s attitude was with the subject and although it is true that it will be difficult for him to detach himself from what his entire team did, there remains the peace of mind that he did not take the advantage that the other players did with that system.

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