MLB: The 2021 All-Star Game would be played at Coors Field, home of the Rockies

The Play of the Stars of the year 2021 of the MLB will be played in the Stadium Coors Field headquarters of the Rockies from colorado

In fact, the game that brings together all the stars each year in the Major Leagues was going to take place in the city of Atlanta in this 2021 season, but it will no longer take place there but at the headquarters of the Colorado Rockies.

This was announced by Buster Olney of ESPN, where he points out that the expectation is growing that this season’s All Star will be played in Colorado.

The journalist Enrique Rojas reports on how the Homerun Derby will take place:

The format that has been used since 2015 will be used, which is with a clock.

Batters have 4 minutes, whether or not they hit home runs.

The stadium does not add time, although it does add quantity and distance of hits.