MLB: Rougned Odor is the big deal for the New York Yankees

We are going to analyze why the Venezuelan player Rougned odor represents the round business for the Yankees of New York in the MLB.

In the news, the former second baseman for the Texas Rangers came via trade to the New York Yankees.

The point is that in the deal the Rangers would pay almost the entire remainder of the Venezuelan’s contract.

In fact, Jeff Passan reports the following:

Texas is expected to absorb nearly all of the $ 27 million owed to Rougned Odor, who is targeting the Yankees, according to sources. They owe him $ 12 million this year, $ 12 million next and a $ 3 million purchase of a $ 13 million club option in 2023. “

The Rangers acquired from the Yankees outfielders Antonio Cabello and Josh Stowers, while the Mules host Odor and cash.

Why is Rougned Odor such a great deal for the Yankees?

In negotiations, you do not always look for one thing and that’s it, but there may be other factors or needs that one of the negotiating parties needs to cover, but does not necessarily make it known or put it on the table.

Having knocked on the door Yankees by Odor or the Texans played it to the Mules, the fact is that the Bronx team made use of the Creole’s services by delivering two players, but they received cash money that was not specified to the media.

Now seeing how the situation is, the Rangers would be responsible for paying the salary of Odor while the Creole plays with the Yankees, but that was the agreement that both teams reached.

Things being like this, Yankees obtain a payroll benefit for the purposes of calculating the luxury tax (CBT), which is charged to teams that exceed various salary amounts in a given year and is obtained by adding the club’s payroll.

The Mules considered that they need a player who strengthens the bench a little more, but they want to avoid problems with the certain tax.

Odor generates an amount in his contract and this year it would be 12 million, but if the Texan team pays them, then they become a player who loves to hit lines and how left-handed he can get a few at Yankee Stadium.

For Mules purposes, a rookie on the team will charge at Yankees more than Odor, but it is because the salary of the bombers is going to be paid by Rangers already for the calculation of that tax, the Yankees they will not be affected at all.

Rougned has the current contract which he will fulfill so far with the Mules for three years, but which the Rangers will pay in the amount of 27 million dollars.

Nor will they pay salary or tax for a player who can give them around 12 to 15 home runs, supporting a team that will go to the playoffs and may even win the World Series, and all this for less than real and a half as the song of Guayanese Serenade.