MLB: Ronald Acuña Jr. with the Braves made up for his mistake with a great shot at the start by retiring Bob Bichette (Video)

The star gardener of the Braves from Atlanta Ronald Acuña Jr. compensated the error What did he do with a great shot at the start by retiring the Blue Jays runner Bo Bichette on the day corresponding to the MLB.

Indeed, on Wednesday, the Blue Jays were measured and Braves in the city of Atlanta where he put his great talent to the test Ronald Acuña Jr.

At the top of the first inning Bichette hit a line to right field that Acuna Jr. wanted to field from shoelace, but missed the same and the ball went backwards, but quickly he went his search and made a great shot to the initial where he shot the runner who did not have the slightest opportunity to reach the base safely.

While it is true the way the Creole calculated his fielding was not the most appropriate, but what a way to compensate that play with an extraordinary reflex to look for the ball and perform that great I throw at the base, it shows that they cannot run, that arm is respected because the Abuser has “THE GRAND CANYON” there.

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