MLB: Ronald Acuña Jr. hasn’t had his first hit since returning from the disabled list with the Braves

The Venezuelan gardener Ronald Acuña Jr. He hasn’t been able to get his first hit since Return of the ready from injured with the Braves from Atlanta in the MLB.

On the day of this Monday the Abuser went 2-0 with two walks, a run scored and a strikeout, in the victory of the Braves Atlanta’s 8-7 scoreboard against the Minnesota Twins.

It must be remembered that the Creole outfielder returned from the disabled list on Friday with the Braves so that same day he saw action with his team.

That day the Braves started a series with the Arizona Diamonbacks in Atlanta, where they prevailed with a score of 5-4, but Acuna Jr. he went 4-0.

On Saturday, both clubs did not play due to rain, so they decided to play a doubleheader at 7 innings each challenge on Sunday.

In the first meeting the Braves they fell to a score of 5-0, where the Venezuelan went 1-0 with a ticket received.

Already in the second challenge Madisson Bumgarner performed the feat of the no hit no run that is not official at the whim of Rob Manfred, where the Braves they fall again with a score of 7-0 and Ronald he went 3-0 with a strikeout.

The Abuser’s route since his return has been this:

Friday vs. Arizona: 4-0

Domingo vs Arizona: 1-0 (1 bb) and 3-0 (1 k)

Monday vs. Cubs: 2-0 (2bb, 2 ca, 1k)

A total of 10-0, with three walks received, two runs scored and three strikeouts.

His average dropped considerably from 419 to 361, that is, 58 points he has lost since then, so it is a priority for the Creole to resume that rhythm and continue in search of a great season.