MLB: Ronald Acuña Jr. dressed up as a hero in the Atlanta Braves’ first win of the season

The Venezuelan big league Ronald Acuña Jr. he dressed in hero in it first win of the Braves from Atlanta in the season 2021 in the MLB.

The day of Wednesday faced the Braves Atlanta with the Washington Nationals, where the Abuser dressed as a hero in the first win of the Los Angeles’ campaign. Braves with a score of 7-6, after a worrying start of four consecutive losses.

Acuna Jr. he went 4-3, a double, two runs scored and an RBI, where his performance made him the hero of the challenge, as he destroyed the Nationals pitching and his presence on the bases was vital to lead the Braves to his important first win of the campaign.

In the first entry Awedge Jr. He doubled and scored the first run of the challenge to go 1-0.

After the Nationals riposted with 4 touchdowns in the bottom of the same first inning, in the second inning the Braves scored five runs, where Acuna Jr. He gave an all-important single driving in a run and a stolen base vital to the game, as the Creole scored the lead run that they never lost in the game, which they ended up winning 7-6.