MLB: Randy Arozarena flying made the great catch of the year (Video)

The star gardener of the Rays from Tampa Bay Randy Arozarena made what can be from now on great play or trapped of the year how you want to see it in the MLB.

On the day of Monday that faces the Rays Tampa Bay and the Boston Red Sox, Tampa’s Cuban right fielder Randy Arozarena did what I consider is and will be the trapped of the year.

In the bottom of the fourth inning the red-legged winners 1-0 and had runners in scoring position with one out on the board.

A hit came out in the direction of the CF but Arozarena He ran towards the direction of the ball and when he had no other option, he launched himself into the air where he stayed for a while and flying caught the ball where the Cuban fell onto the field.

Although he couldn’t avoid the third base run, it is a catch that will be remembered many times this season and for a long, long time, due to the monumental nature of that unforgettable play.