MLB: Pete Alonso hit a historic home run with the Mets in Philadelphia (Video)

The slugger of the Mets from New York Pete alonso hit a home run historical, being the first one that gives in the 2021 season of the MLB.

In the day of Tuesday that faces the Mets of New York with the Philadelphia Phillies, the Polar Bear hit his first home run of the season and with which he made history in MLB.

The Mets They were up in the top of the ninth inning at 6-2 and had a man in circulation.

The Bear appeared who hit the home run that came out of the left field to put the actions 8-2.

It should be noted that this is indeed the first homer of the season for Pete Alonso, but with the homer he became the player with the fastest 70 home runs in Major League history, reaching that figure at just 220 games.