MLB: Omar Vizquel played a basketball game with the panas (Video)

The ex-great Venezuelan Omar vizquel who is a candidate for a group to enter the Hall of Fame of the MLB, showed up playing basketball with the panas.

The winner of 11 gold gloves in the Major Leagues, published a video through his Instagram account where you can see the Venezuelan playing basketball with a group of friends.

Omar waits for his friends to take the ball and then he looks for it to take some shots at the hoop, where he misses the ball, tries to save it by grabbing it in the air and manages to pass it in the best style of a Magic Johnson Stephen.

Here the video:

Vizquel He showed once again that he not only plays baseball, but also engages in other activities such as basketball, in this case he played that little game with the panas, managing to display great physical form.

He is currently the manager of the Tijuana Bulls in the Mexican Baseball League where he aspires to lead the Bulls to win the title.