MLB: Mike Trout hit the first home run of the season with the 417-foot Angels (Video)

The gardener of the Angels of the Angels Mike trout hit a home run from 417 feet, Being the first what gives in the season 2021 of the MLB.

On Monday’s day that faces the Houston Astros with the Los Angeles Angels, the star player of the team and the Major Leagues Mike he hit a monumental home run down left field with no people on base to produce the first run for the Californians losing 4-1 to the Sidereals in the fourth inning.

Note that this is Mike Trout’s first home run of the season., which was 417 feet before the shipments of the Venezuelan pitcher Luis GarcĂ­a, who threw a change of 82 mph and the ball went to 108.9 mph.

This connection of Trout represents what will be the beginning of a few that we will see in the season of the legend how they call him in the team and the eternal candidate for the MVP of the season, whether or not the team has a chance to get to the playoffs.