MLB: Miguel Cabrera with his home run on Opening Day set a “curious” record in the majors

Let’s see what was the curious record that established the Venezuelan slugger Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers Detroit in the MLB with his home run in it Opening day of the 2021 season.

In it Opening day that pitted the Cleveland Indians against the Tigers Detroit, the Venezuelan who was lined up as fourth bat hit a home run on the opposite side with a teammate on board, to put the Bengalis ahead 2-0.

It should be noted that the hit was reviewed with the referees for having doubts as to where the hit hit, which at the moment seemed double, but the hit was quickly ratified as a home run, which represents his first of the season and 488 for life.

Miguel Cabrera’s curious record in MLB:

Venezuelan journalist Juan Vené pointed out through his customary baseball column that Cabrera He established with his hit a fact that no one has starred in in the more than 151 years of the Major Leagues.

Here is the extract from his column explaining the point in this regard:

“Miguel Cabrera and his slide at second, even though he had homered in Detroit, with the Indians on the road, was the most publicized event of many Thursday starts. Because Cabrera is the only one in Major League Baseball’s 151-year history who has slipped on the second pad after serving the ball. “

That is, the record that Vené points out is that Michael gave his connection and being the ball out of the park, the Venezuelan ran without knowing anything and slid to second base.

But a batter how Cabrera For him to do that, it is because something very curious happened, because if there is someone who knows his swing, it is the Creole, but we have the advantage to know what happened there that he himself Michael He told what happened, which is also in Vené’s column, whose extract also happened below:

“As everyone could see, there was a very thick snowfall. I could see that the ball was going to the rightfield, but it was white and the snow white, I lost it, and I thought I was inside the stadium. That’s why I didn’t jog, but ran as hard as I could, and I threw myself in second gear. When I got up and saw the umpires giving the homerun signal, it was that I started jogging to home. “…

We are definitely lucky fans of the ball, because something new or historical always arises and we can witness to live them, from what we saw for the first time in the history of the MLB, that a batter has thrown the ball from the park runs and slides into second base, then stops and finishes the run to the plate with his home run.