MLB: Miguel Cabrera of the Tigres had an incredible gesture with the receiver of the Minnesota Twins (Video)

Let’s see what was the amazing gesture that had the Venezuelan slugger of the Tigers from Detroit Miguel Cabrera with the receiver of the Minnesota Twins on the MLB.

Tuesday’s matchday measured the Minnesota Twins and the Tigers from Detroit, where something happened that makes us love this game more and admire its great stars.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, the Tigers 2-1 and had runners in scoring position.

The pitcher of the Twins He took a piconazo pitch that catcher Ryan Jeffers was able to block the ball half, but it slipped a bit on his left side.

In that attempt Jeffers stumbled while chasing the ball and fell in his career in a spectacular way.

Miguel Cabrera The one who was running third in third made a signal to the receiver how to get his attention and then applauded him encouraging him to keep going, acknowledging his effort, that nothing has happened here.

We are definitely lucky fans of the ball, because something new or historical always arises and we can be witnesses to live them.

In this case, I don’t remember a gesture of these characteristics from one player to another on a pitch, but that speaks once again of the greatness of a future member of the temple of the immortals in Cooperstown: Miguel Cabrera.