MLB: Learn about the infamous numbers of Ronald Acuña Jr. of the Braves against Héctor Neris for the Phillies in the majors

Let’s meet the infamous numbers presented by the Venezuelan gardener of the Braves from Atlanta Ronald Acuña Jr. against the Dominican reliever of the Phillies from philadelphia Hector neris on the MLB.

On the day of Saturday and Sunday that faced the Braves from Atlanta with Phillies Philadelphia, saw the meeting between the visiting outfielder and the Quaker reliever in the top of the ninth inning.

In both cases the result was the same: a strikeout, in victories of the Phillies Over the Braves.

Although Ronald Acuña Jr. is a fearsome batter, the score against Neris it is not surprising.

Until Saturday, the Creole was 7-0 against the Dominican with a single walk and five strikeouts received in eight plate appearances.

If we update the statistics with the Sunday confrontation, now the Abuser is 8-0 vs Neris, with 6 strikeouts, one walk in nine plate appearances.

Like the Phillies and Braves they are divisional rivals they will face each other in a few games, where the Venezuelan will seek to get out of that bad streak against Neri and be able to hit him, while the Dominican will try to extend his dominance over the Abuser to have the chance to win as many games as possible for the Quakers.