MLB: Learn about Pablo Sandoval’s statements after hitting his heroic home run with the Braves against the Nationals (Video) – Major League Baseball said Pablo Sandoval after giving his heroic home run against the Nationals (Video)

We are going to know the statements What did the Venezuelan player give? Pablo Sandoval after giving the heroic home run with which he gave victory to the Braves Atlanta on the Nationals of Washigton in the MLB.

As we already know in the second game of a double run between Braves vs Nationals scheduled at 7 innings each challenge, the game was 0-0 with a man on base and the Panda came to bat Sandoval as a pinch hitter, who hit a gigantic home run through center field to give them a 2-0 win.

The Panda’s statements:

The Panda was located in the dogout of the Braves and there he granted the interview, complying with the safety regulations to prevent Covid-19, who, excited by the hit, explained the following:

“I try to do everything I can in the cage and be ready for that moment.”

“But I’m not going to lie to you, it felt good. It’s one of the moments when you get goose bumps when you hit the ball. “

Remember that a little over two weeks ago Sandoval gave an interview where he said he was in awe of the team and the city of Atlanta, so he told his agent that he wanted to return to the team.