MLB: Know the offensive numbers that Miguel Cabrera leads among Venezuelans in the majors

The slugger Miguel Cabrera without a doubt it has become the authentic Leader several offensive departments in order to venezuelans on the MLB.

On Wednesday, Miguel Cabrera became the Venezuelan with the most hits in Major League history, beating his compatriot Omar Vizquel.

Now, with this department already the slugger of the Tigers, he becomes the Venezuelan leader of a few offensive departments in the majors, which I point out below:

Hits: 2878 (1st)

Doubles: 582 (1st)

Home runs: 489 (1st)

Extrabases: 1,088 (1st)

Runs scored: 1461 (1st)

RBIs: 1737 (1st)

Games: 2,478 (4th)

In addition to the above statistics, Michael He is the Venezuelan with the most batting crowns in the MLB (4), as well as the most MVP awards in a regular season (2 MVPs).

Of course the only Venezuelan and Latin American to obtain the triple crown of batting at the Big Show in 2012.

Talk about Miguel Cabrera is to speak of a living legend that to see his plaque in the temple of the immortals in Cooperstown, he will only have to announce his retirement and wait for his five quiet years, and then enter without any problem.

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