MLB: Juan Vené explained why he has not been inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame

The Venezuelan journalist Juan Vené explained why no ha joined to the Living room of the Fame of the MLB.

The aforementioned chronicler in his customary baseball column stated in effect the reasons why he has not been chosen as a journalist to join the Living room of the Fame of the majors.

Here is an extract from the content of your column:

“Leo P. Lowestson, from Brooklyn, New York, asks…: “How is it possible that he was not elevated to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame? I did an investigation and found that his column has been the only daily in history and in any language, written by the same person, has existed for more than 60 years, and the only one in any language that answers questions twice a week ” .

And Pedro L. Vargas, from Coro, asks …: “What is the criteria for choosing narrators for Cooperstown, and why haven’t you been chosen?”

Friends Leo and PeEle…: The Hall of Fame is such an important venue that it holds the history of baseball. My respects. Team owners vote to elect narrators, there are three Latin Americans in that wing, Buck Canel (Yankees), Felo Ramírez (Marlins), Jaime Jarrín (Dodgers). For journalists we vote the same journalists, for one of three candidates each year. I have been a candidate twice and I have not obtained a majority. In the journalists’ wing there is no Spanish-speaking high. If they haven’t chosen me, it’s because I don’t deserve it. “

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Beyond the controversies that may be generated with some opinions, Juan Vené He is one of the sports journalists with a great career and it is admirable that at 92 years of age he continues to be active with his activities related to the ball.

According to his words, he still has a chance to be elected to the Living room of the Fame for the great trajectory he has had, because he did not mention that his option to enter has ended.

Hopefully we can have him in the same act of exaltation with Omar Vizquel, Bob Abreu and if I’m not wrong, Francisco the “Kid” Rodríguez can appear there for the class of 2022, which is chosen from the ballots that will come out in this very 2021.

It would be a great pride for all Venezuelans if their figures are recognized at the highest level of sport.