MLB: José Urquidy retired injured against the Angels

The Mexican pitcher of the Astros from Houston, Jose Urquidy, retired with injury in a new opening of the 2021 season of Big leagues (MLB), this against the Anaheim Angels.

In the third inning, Jose Urquidy had to leave his performance this Wednesday at the game Astros vs Angels, this after an apparent injury to the man, embittering that a new opening in the current harvest of the Big leagues.

Undoubtedly this injury sets off the alarms in the Astros, taking into account that Mexican law is a fundamental part in the rotation of starters of the siderales in the MLB.

Here is the report:

Urquidy Only after 44 pitches and 3.2 scoreless innings, he left the game with ailments in his right shoulder, specifically in the upper part, being the injury that embittered his eighth start of the 2021 season.

Let’s hope this ailment is nothing serious, since the 26-year-old Mazatlan contributes a lot to the Astros and their work is essential thinking about the 2021 postseason of the Big leagues.

Urquidy so far they have a 3.22 ERA, with three losses, two losses and a total of 33 strikeouts with the Astros.

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