MLB: José Altuve’s five great base runs in the majors (Video)

Let’s see the five grades in a row from base made by the player of the Astros from Houston Jose Altuve throughout his career in the MLB.

1. First career home run against the Giants (from the field) – August 20, 2011:

Before the shipments of the playoff battle horse for the San Francisco Giants Madisson Bumgarner, Astroboy with the game 0-0 connected a hit between LF and CF where he hit the ball that bathed the San Francisco outfielders, which took advantage of the Venezuelan to fly through the pads and score the run thanks to his first home run in the MLB.

2. The day he stole the plate against the Verlander and Cabrera Tigers – 06/28/2014:

The Astros they had men on the corners with the game 2-2 in the bottom of the 5th inning, Altuve he was in 3B.

Justin Verlander for the Bengals shoots at 1B to take care of the runner, which he took advantage of Altuve to go to the plate and managed to get away from the receiver to reach the plate safely.

3. The time he stole two bases in a row from the Rangers – 09/24/2014:

At that time he was a runner at first base and he went on the steal where he could win the second pad.

Then in less than a rooster crows, Astroboy went out to conquer third base, which he also successfully achieved.

4. His masterful touch of the ball vs Puerto Rico – 2017 World Classic:

Before the Puerto Rican serpentier’s shipments, the little giant surprised the Puerto Rico team with a sensational touch of the ball to get on base, which he successfully achieved.

It must be remembered that how this event, how is the World Baseball Classic, is organized by the MLB and they are played with all its rules, we take it for this job as valid so as not to leave out this great piece of batting from Altuve, in addition to how he moves his legs.

5. The caribbean treads and runs that he did to the Athletics – 04/02/2021

The Astros they were facing the Athletics in Oakland with the score in their favor 5-2.

Jose Altuve He was running back in the 3B, when with one out on the board, a fly to the box came out captured by the SS of the Californians Elvis Andrus, when he immediately started towards the plate, managing to score through a fierce run, leaving the little boy cold. Californians.