MLB: José Altuve with a gray present after starting with all of 2021

The Venezuelan Jose Altuve after having a full-fledged start with the Astros In the 2021 season, he is having an extremely gray present in baseball from the Major League Baseball – MLB. Will second baseman be paying the “karma”?

Jose Altuve started the 2021 season as the Astros of Houston they would have liked, hitting with everything and contributing significantly in offense, but in the third week of the championship, problems with COVID-19 have the Venezuelan away from the playing fields of the Big leagues.

Life seems to be charging people with “karma” Astros his trap of stealing signs, since you vary of his figures in the MLB they were forced to go to the disabled list and to each other Jose Altuve, who had been the offensive spark plug since Opening Day.

However, and for some luck of the Astros, Alex Bregman, Yordan Álvarez, Martín Maldonado and Robel García were activated again after dealing with the pandemic, but the Venezuelan Altuve no, so he will remain on the disabled list of MLB, so we see the bad luck and gray days that the waiter wearing # 27 is living.

Due to health and safety protocols, Jose Altuve will remain isolated in the Astros and it is not yet known when he will return to the roster to continue his actions in the current campaign of MLB, same where offensively he was making it clear that he was born to hit, wanting to leave behind the scandal of the signs.

Here is the report:

Boos, the slump and bad season that he left with the Astros in 2020 and now this bad fortune with COVID-19, are the things that have affected the most Jose Altuve since that trap of the sidereal was discovered in the MLB, for which without a doubt this has been paying it and in spades. It looks like Karma, what do you think?

Altuve In 44 at-bats that he has taken so far in 2021, he has 14 hits, a home run, five RBIs and an average of 318, good numbers for the Venezuelan in this season of Big leagues.