MLB: José Altuve was hit in a strong collision by fielding a ball with the Astros (Video)

The Venezuelan player of the Astros from Houston Jose Altuve it fell beaten in strong collision by fielding a ball in the MLB.

On Sunday’s day he faces the Astros of Houston with the Oakland Athletics, the small Venezuelan giant was involved in a play where he suffered a severe collision and as a result he was hit on the field of play.

At the bottom of the first inning were 1-1 stocks and the Athletics had two runners on base and one out on the scoreboard.

The next batter hit a cold bullet that landed between CF Straw and 2B. Altuve, where the creole bumps into his partner, how can he throw the ball, but with the collision for a few seconds it is in the air and then it falls on the grass.

The treiner and the manager of the Astros They went to verify the Venezuelan star, but fortunately he was able to continue in the meeting.

In this way, Astroboy tells his team that he will give 100% on the pitch and shows it by risking his physique so early in the season, but this is the player we know and not the version we saw of him in the campaign. 2020 in the regular phase.