MLB. José Altuve and his fearsome average in the last 10 games with the Astros

Jose Altuve has left a average of .381 in the last 10 games played in the Big leagues with the Astros from Houston.

AstroBoy has had at least one hit in the MLB in his last 10 games. This series is the second longest among Venezuelans in the Big leagues. The first is 11 games in a row giving an unstoppable and belongs to Jesús Aguilar.

The average from Jose Altuve he plays very well in his games, despite not starting with the best rhythm, as the days go by the creole of the Astros has made adjustments that have helped him hit home plate at the MLB.

Here is Efraín Zavarce’s report:

In this season, Jose Altuve has driven in 17 runs, four home runs and one average of .294 with the organization of the Astros.

Undoubtedly, the 31-year-old Creole has come from less to more in this season of the Big leagues in terms of his performance with the wood and defensively in the MLB.

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