MLB: José Altuve and Carlos Correa make a great double play for the Astros (Video)

Let’s see the spectacular double play What did José do? Altuve and Carlos strap for the Astros against the Rangers in the MLB.

In the day of Saturday in effect the Rangers were measured and Astros in the Texas Major League duel, where one of the best pairs in baseball showed off with a great play: Jose Altuve Y Carlos Correa.

At the top of the third inning, the Astros 4-1, the Rangers had a runner at first base and before a strong rolling with intentions of hitting to right field, the waiter appeared Jose Altuve he caught the ball and in the middle of the race he passed it to the SS Carlos Correa who took it and released it with a formidable shot at 1B completed a masterful double play.

Without a doubt the Astros They owe their successes in recent seasons to these infield players how they are Jose Altuve Y Carlos Correa.

Whoever claims that this is the best duo in baseball, has their arguments and they are well valid, although that can be debated, but I insist, the arguments are because these horses are performers both on offense and defense.

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