MLB: Jesús Aguilar with the Marlins gave the ninth homer of the season (Video)

The Venezuelan Jesus Aguilar hit the ninth home run of the season on the MLB with the Marlins of Miami.

The day of Wednesday faced the Marlins Miami vs. Arizona Diamonbacks where the Creole slugger stood out with his strong connection.

The fish slugger hit a home run high in the first inning off a running running back, who came out of left field to make the stock 2-0.

This connection represents the ninth home run what gives in the season, It is the third he has given in three days and it is curious that his home runs have all been given as a visitor.

Without a doubt the Marlins they know they have Jesus Aguilar to aspire for great things this season to aspire to the playoffs, where they struggled last year to fall in Division Series sweeps against the Atlanta Braves.

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