MLB: Is José Altuve the most important player in the history of the Houston Astros in the majors?

We are going to analyze whether the Venezuelan Jose Altuve is he most important player in the history of Astros from Houston on the MLB.

Talk about Jose Altuve in the best baseball in the world, that is to say that he is an excellent hitter and you always have to expect good things from him at home plate.

It can be a hit connection, including the occasional extra-base hit (his three batting crowns in the 2014, 2016, and 2017 seasons and his multiple seasons of 200 or more hits can
corroborate it).

As well as taking a walk, stealing bases, hitting in a timely manner, and practicing great defense at second base, which may lead us to say that he may be the one. most important player in history of the Houston Astros.

Is José Altuve the most important player in the history of the Houston Astros?

Some people might say that claim is foolhardy when we have Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell as major players in the franchise during their careers (both Hall of Famers).

Nor should we fail to mention a pitcher like Nolan Ryan who in a period from 1980 to 1988 with the Astros won 106 games and posted a 3.13 ERA, but like Biggio and Bagwell never won a World Series ring with the sidereal. .

Now, his MVP of the 2017 season, being a fundamental factor for his team to conquer the World Series for the first time by defeating the favorite Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games, such an assertion would not be very far-fetched.

In 2019, Altuve Almost without fear of being wrong, he hit the hit that will be remembered the most by the Astros fans for years, decades and I would say that until centuries, how was the home run that hit the Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman to send the siderales to the Series World.

Now his career in MLB It has not yet finished, but at 30 years of age he already has a bicoca of 1618 hits to his credit at the time of writing this note.

So, if health accompanies it, while maintaining that consistency, it is not only that it will be able to overcome the barrier of 3,000 hits, but it would be necessary to ask:

How many more batting crowns can he win? Can he beat Pete Rose’s mark of 4,256 hits? Will he be a future inductee in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame?

Beyond the scandal of the cheating, which is a subject that is not at all clear as to its origin and who most did it, beyond the confession of the team, it is a fact that Altuve has a very special place in the heart of the sidereal.

So we ask the question again and leave it for the consideration of our readers:

Is José Altuve the most important player in the history of the Houston Astros?