MLB: Gerrit Cole shone in a masterful 13-strikeout start where he got his first win of the season with the Yankees (Video)

The star pitcher of the Yankees from New York Gerrit cole shone on masterly and historic departure from 13 strikeouts where did you get your first win of the season in the MLB.

The day of this Tuesday where the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees were measured, represented the second exit of the season of the Ace of the Mules Gerrit Cole.

The valuable pitcher pitched seven innings, allowing no runs, just four hits, no walks and 13 strikeouts.

His performance for the Yankees to beat the Orioles 7-0, where Aaron Judge stood out with an important home run.

Now Cole is 1-0 with an extraordinary 1.46 ERA, where he once again confirms with this immense performance because he is the best pitcher of the Yankees and the best in the Major Leagues.

The 13 strikeout mark is the highest he has achieved in a Mules uniform since he was hired by them last year.