MLB: Former Yankees pitcher Miguel Yajure threw a pitching gem with the Pirates

The former Venezuelan pitcher of the Yankees from New York Miguel Yajure threw a jewel from pitching with the Pirates of Pittsburgh in the MLB.

On Friday, the San Francisco Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates were measured, where the Creole serpentine player was shown by the buccaneers Miguel Yajure.

Yajure who belonged until last year to the Yankees of New York and that by way of exchange was sent to the Pirates, threw an extraordinary ballgame against the Giants.

In five innings, he allowed only one hit, walked one, struck out four and allowed no runs.

But the most impressive thing is that this work only covered him with 57 pitches, so he had a total and absolute dominance of his rivals in San Francisco.

As the Creole did not have offensive support from the buccaneers, he left without a decision in the match and now he was 0-1 with a 3.86 ERA.

The Pirates They have in this young pitcher a great piece with which they can build a winning franchise, while the Mules may regret having detached themselves from the Creole arm.

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