MLB: Chris Sale gives the Red Sox great news about his recovery

The left handed Chris Sale gave very good news to the organization of the BBoston Red Sox of his recovery from Tommy John surgery, where after that he aims to return to Big leagues (MLB).

The Baseball Director of the Red Sox, Chaim Bloom, mentioned that for the first time since Tommy John had surgery, Chris Sale pitched from the mound, which is undoubtedly good news in the recovery of this pitcher who hopes to return in the best way Big leagues.

Chris Sale, who underwent this operation more than a year ago lost the MLB 2020 and maybe 2021 to have the best recovery, but we already see that this is being carried in the best way since it is making launches at the training site of the Red Sox.

The Red Sox this 2021 they have had a good campaign in the MLB and when the recovery is finished, the inclusion of this left-handed arm will be extremely important for its rotation, since it is called to be the ace of it.

Here is the report:

The Fenway Park team smiles at this news of Chris Sale and they hope that he will continue like this in his rehabilitation process to have him back on the mound as soon as possible. Big leagues.

Comes out in his last year with the Red Sox he pitched 4.40 with a 2-2 record and 218 strikeouts in the 2019 season.