MLB: Astros pitcher Justin Verlander owns a soccer team in the Mexican League

The pitcher of the Astros from Houston Justin verlander has become one of the owners of a team from football in the League of Mexico.

Indeed, Verlander says he is excited to be part of the group that owns Club Necaxa FC and jokes that his pet dogs are also excited to be with Necaxa.

“I’m not the only one excited to be part of the Club Necaxa owning group… Norman and Harley (Harley to a lesser extent) are pumped too. We are very excited to offer this first NFT that represents 1% participation in the real team! First time in professional sports !! “

About 1% of the shares it is offering for sale, the Mexican Soccer League has already issued a statement that such shares cannot be put up for sale in this way.

But here the remarkable thing is that the star of the Astros is investing in another professional sport, which is one of the most deeply rooted in the Mexican country and in this case in a team of the oldest such as Necaxa.

Hopefully he will be successful in his new business challenge and that we will soon see him on the hill of the sidereal that his team is quite lacking that arm.

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